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Dedicated to making a difference for every pet in need. We believe that every animal should have a loving home and a full belly.

Our Story

Rex The TV Terrier is a social media influencer on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As his popularity increased, the demand for Rex-related merchandise grew exponentially.

With the help of his staff, Rex opened a Zazzle store with the intention of donating all proceeds to animal charities.

Along the way, it became apparent that individuals and their pets were struggling with food and financial insecurity due to the pandemic, as well as those already suffering from chronic financial stress as a result of fixed income because of disability or age.

We began focusing on direct food donations to individuals in need. Although some food pantries and Humane Societies offer pet food, many animals have special dietary needs which can not be met through these programs, and often, transportation is also an issue as many charitable organizations cannot deliver food and supplies where they are most needed.

We started using the proceeds from our online shop to send pet food directly to those who needed it most. The demand far exceeded both our expectations and our income, and many of the purchases were made out-of-pocket by Rex’s staff, and with the help of others who volunteered to pitch in (faithful Rexiteers).

Though it was quite an involved process that lasted several months, we managed to incorporate, register as a charity, get our 501c3, and attract an amazing, diverse Board Of Directors. 

With the funds we raise, we dedicate as many resources as possible to feeding and supporting needy animals and their families. We hope that you can help Rex help those most in need.


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