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Everyone dies eventually.  Sound depressing, doesn’t it?  But it’s a fact of nature.  While we never like to think about our own mortality, making a

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Microsoft Rewards lets you support Rex The TV Terrier, Inc. through its Give with Bing program. After
signing up and selecting our organization, you can earn rewards points just for searching the web with
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The program is freeyou just need to sign up with a Microsoft account. As of May 2021, Microsoft
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Notes from Rex

With the war in Ukraine impacting so many people and animals, people are asking “How Can I Help?”

There can be a minefield of charity scammers and people who are doing everything they can to
take advantage of a humanitarian crisis and separate you from your well-meaning dollars. So how do
you know that the money you are sending is going to actually help?
Research: Agencies that verify charities such as Charity Navigator and GuideStar are great resources to
check out a charity and their standing. Before donating to an U.S. based charity group, search for them
at guidestar.org
Use Trusted Sources:News agencies that are well known and trusted are a good source of legitimate
charities that are helping in Ukraine such as CNN and NPR

Want to support the people of Ukraine? Learn more here-NPR

Social media sites that show heartbreaking pictures of people and animals suffering and begging for
donations through PayPalMe or Venmo may be tempting, but unless you can verify their legitimacy, do
not donate. If they are proven to be scammers, you have no recourse to get your money refunded and
you have just made someone some spending cash.
Here is a link to a charity specifically for animal aid that I have researched myself
I encourage everyone to help carefully and cautiously.

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Rex The TV Terrier Inc continues its mission depending primarily on donations from generous people like you. We accept donations using the links below. Any amount you can spare will be greatly appreciated.

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