Rescue Ambassador, Penny Lane

At the shelter I was shy and scared. It was my home for three years. For three years I didn’t have anyone to cuddle me at night or give me the love, attention, and affection I deserved! I was so lucky that my family saw my picture and knew I had great potential. They could see the sassy and sweet girl I was born to be. They didn’t see me as unadoptable because of my long shelter stay, they saw me as the precious baby that I am. 

Once I was adopted, my true personality came through! I wasn’t really all that shy, I just needed the confidence that only love can produce. I live my best life now. I get to cuddle all the time, lawn potato in the sun, have a few bits of bacon every now and again, and best of all, I have a forever family. Don’t let a dog’s long shelter stay deter you from adoption.

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JoJo is a 4 year old male Timneh African Grey. JoJo is a very sweet boy who loves to play with his toys and enjoys meeting new friends. He has quite a good vocabulary, and is always ready to learn new things. Come meet this little cutie who has all the personality of a Congo African Grey in a slightly smaller package!

Max is a beautiful Snowshoe kitty who’s owner had to go to a nursing home and was not able to care for him any longer. Max is very friendly and always wants to be with you and constantly purrs. He is good with children and other cats, not sure about dogs but he’s really easy going. Max is a very healthy 16 year old with hyperthyroidism and takes his pill very easily.