“A life well loved is a life well lived”​



Always a happy, smiling presence on Twitter, Thatcher went over the rainbow bridge on March 25, 2022. He was loved by both friends and family beyond measure. Love is not reserved for just cats and
dogs, any animal that becomes our family has a permanent place in our hearts, and Thatcher is a reminder of that. We will always remember you with a smile and miss you every day.


November 18, 2009 – October 24, 2021

Deeply loved by all who knew him, Douglas was a huge personality in a small body. A resident of Halifax, he lived an extraordinary, full life with his loving Dad until his passing.
He was his Dad’s constant companion, accompanying him to work, visits with friends, daily errands, shopping excursions, and just about everywhere else. Douglas loved to socialize, but was discerning about the company he kept, preferring small, intimate gatherings with Dad’s closest friends. He was affectionately known as a master “seat stealer” and could be counted on to find the best seat in the room at any event, always close to his Dad for the giving of impromptu nose and eye kisses. 

At home, Douglas could frequently be found perched on top of the living room couch, “keeping watch” over the neighborhood, or listening attentively as Dad played classical music on the grand piano. His favorite toy was his beloved “Miss Piggy,” a small yellow squeaky pig that remained his favorite for his entire life. . While he did not enjoy the snow in the least, he delighted in warmer temperatures, spending countless afternoons sitting on the back deck where he would happily bask in the sunshine. 

Douglas was very active on Twitter where he enjoyed sharing photos of his social outings and interacting with his many Twitter friends. More than anything in the world, he loved his Dad who was the light of his life. Douglas passed peacefully in his dad’s arms on October 24, 2021. The enormity of the loss is indescribable. His memory is forever in our hearts and we will carry him with us always.


Chester picked his person in May 2012, when he was about 5 yrs old, when he went home for a “weekend test” to see how he would do. He never left his persons side after that. Chester enjoyed kayaking, riding in his in bike trailer (we named that the ‘Chi RV’), being warm, sleeping and eating. He found a certain passion in table food, although his person tried to keep that habit under control. Chester loved going on trips. Sometimes just day trips, sometimes overnights. Some of his favorite places were parks, beaches, and anyplace else his person cared to carry him. One of his favorite trips was NYC. He and his person were lucky enough to attend “Wheels on Wall Street” twice where we met so many good friends and their amazing dogs. Chester chose his person, and his person is eternally grateful. Chester lives on in the many pictures and memories his person carries with him every single day. I love you Chester, and I always will.

Chester left this world December 26, 2021


January 25, 2007 – December 26, 2021

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