Our Impact

To Date, over
4 tons of dry dog food,
5 tons of dry cat food,
5,000 cans of cat food,
3,000 cans of dog food,
5 tons of cat litter,
900 pounds of prescription foods

And more than 1.5 tons of miscellaneous small animal and exotic pet foods have been shipped out to pet families in need.

In addition, over $7,000 has been spent on prescription medicines, non-prescription medicines and supplements, vet care and contributions to GoFundMe campaigns for veterinary care, including life-saving surgeries.

Animals We've Helped

At Rex The TV Terrier Inc. we believe that no pet should go hungry or go without medicine or necessary supplies.

Your Contribution Matters

Feed Others

Providing food assistance to animals in need


Assistance with perscription medication and perscription pet foods


Rex The TV Terrier Inc. direct ships food and supplies from trusted vendors