Meet Rex,
The TV Terrier

This is Rex, Our CEO


Rex is an extraordinary English Bull Terrier. Born in 2012, and maybe the youngest CEO in the world, he is a stick connoisseur, television critic, wordsmith, social media influencer and a passionate advocate for animals.

Rex believes that every animal deserves love, care, comfort and kindness.  To help achieve that goal, Rex set out to start an organization run by his personal staff and other smart, like-minded people.  And as a terrier, Rex did not stop until he made his mission a reality.

Over a year of planning and paperwork went into founding Rex The TV Terrier, Inc.™

Incorporated in the state of Massachusetts and registered as a non-profit charity, with a 501(c)3 approval from the IRS and a board of directors with a diverse background and a wide variety of experience, Rex is now on his way to achieving his goals.

A very special #StickOfTheDay, featuring narration by Keith Morrison

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